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From the single pixel to global publicity, every detail is important and needs to be purposeful. Applying the design process, from research to production, a holistic approach to design guarantees effective and meaningful cross-platform branded experiences for a demographic or target audience, ensuring strategic marketplace differentiation and dominance.
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Clear & Concise Copy
My background in research-based visual art, critical & cultural theory, and my skillset in business and design allows me to see the forest and the trees. Starting with extensive research, I employ the design process to create meaningful brand experiences for a specific target audience. I identify and maximize on positive historical and cultural associations while avoiding ...
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Cross-Platform Communication
From the digital to the physical, brand experience knows no bounds. Designing holistically with a gestalt eye ensures brand values, benefits, and messages are communicated consistently and effectively across all platforms. With experience designing for web, print, publicity, signage, and physical environment, I fully understand the necessity for cross-platform harmony.
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On-Point Product Design
The message in a bottle. Product design is about more than how an article looks, it is how a consumer imbibes the values, emotions, and meaning of a brand. Whether capitalizing on emergent and popular trends, or eschewing them completely—as in a timeless and affordable line of easy drinking ales diametrically opposed to hipster aesthetics—strategic marketplace positioning guarantees ...