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In order to create solutions, the problems must first be fully understood. Beginning with research, observation, and analysis, emotional and psychological motivation can be deduced. This leads to inspiration, ideation, and implementation that produces solutions which positively affect the life of a user. Easy to understand, yes; but, a life’s work to master.
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Production Ready GUI
Creating an amazing graphic user interface experience is both an art and science. The foundation is built upon classical, modern, and contemporary composition principles; and colour theory and harmonies are what bring it to life. Seamless wayfinding and satisfying interactive elements ensure a positive user experience. Pixel-perfect production comps and developer ready files with proper ...
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Information Architecture & Prototyping
Nowhere does my inner taxonomist feel more at home than in Information Architecture. Stakeholder assessments, research & observation, and competitive analyses are the archaeology. Card sorts and determining information hierarchies are the zoology; and, site maps and wireframes are the geography. Finally, strategizing, innovation, prototyping, user-testing, observation, and ...
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Intuitive Interaction Design
Hemingway wrote, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” At the core of User Experience design is understanding motivation. Whether emotional, psychological, or physical, observing and listening to people allows us to understand their wants and teaches us how to best solve their problems. Through the stages of inspiration, ideation, and implementation, ...