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A Jack of all trades (makes a master in the long run). Lifelong interests, an innate thirst for knowledge, and a diverse professional background illustrate my fascination, understanding, and love of human behaviour and systems. It has fueled my study of psychology, systems thinking, and lead to professional team and project management. Whether independently or with a team, nothing brings me greater fulfillment than improving the lives and wellbeing of others
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I Get It. I Can Help.
My history can help shape your future. From opening my first clothing store at age 17 while still in high school; to studying visual art, design, and critical and cultural theory in Vancouver and New York; to managing a nonprofit residential meditation center in rural BC, my years of diverse experience have afforded me an understanding of the psychological drives that motivate people. ...
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Systems Thinking & Project Management
Different projects call for different methods. By discovering a stakeholder’s goals, a framework for systems thinking analysis can be determined (Meadows, Young, de Bono, LeNS) and the proper project management process established (Waterfall, Agile, Adaptive, Lean). Then, moving through the different phases, employing process groups, and capitalizing on knowledge areas, a seamless and ...
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Analysis & Implementation
Sometimes, before diving in it’s best to survey the pool. By holistically analyzing a given system or corporate structure dynamic conclusions can be discovered hitherto invisible using an unintentionally myopic focus. Here, ‘the big picture’ is revealed and historically recurrent problems can be avoided. Furthermore, innovative solutions can emerge that ensure long-term success ...