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Kevin Hubbard Design

I am a human being who designs, creates art, and works professionally to take high-level conceptual problems, filtering them through my gained knowledge and business skillset, to produce products and experiences that positively affect the lives of others.

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Interactive User Experience Design
In order to create solutions, the problems must first be fully understood. Beginning with research, observation, and analysis, emotional and psychological motivation can be deduced. This leads to inspiration, ideation, and implementation that produces solutions which positively affect the life of a user. Easy to understand, yes; but, a life’s work to master.
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Product, Environment, & Brand
From the single pixel to global publicity, every detail is important and needs to be purposeful. Applying the design process, from research to production, a holistic approach to design guarantees effective and meaningful cross-platform branded experiences for a demographic or target audience, ensuring strategic marketplace differentiation and dominance.
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Human-Centered Strategy & Creative
A Jack of all trades (makes a master in the long run). Lifelong interests, an innate thirst for knowledge, and a diverse professional background illustrate my fascination, understanding, and love of human behaviour and systems. It has fueled my study of psychology, systems thinking, and lead to professional team and project management. Whether independently or with a team, nothing ...